• Ethiopian Journals of Environment and Development

    Ethiopian Journal of Environment and Development (EJED) is an Open Access, peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality, original research. Please see the journal's Aims & Scope for information about its focus and peer-review policy. Sustainable development is now of primary importance as the key to future use and management of finite world resources. It recognizes the need for development opportunities while maintaining a balance between these and the environment. The Ethiopian Journal of Environment and Development (EJED) is hosted by Dilla University and has proved to be an exciting forum for understanding and advancing our knowledge and implementation of environmentally resilient sustainable development. EJED is a multidisciplinary journal covering all aspects of the complex interactions which occur between development and environment, and its purpose is to seek ways and means for achieving sustainability in all human activities and the environment aimed at such development.

  • African Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine

    The African Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine (AJHSM) seeks to promote to scholarly debate best practice and ethical standards in the conduct and reporting of research in the area of public health, clinical medicine, and biomedical sciences. The help authors, editors, and others involved in peer review and biomedical publishing create and distribute accurate, clear, reproducible, unbiased research articles. This journal may also provide useful insights into the medical editing and publishing process for the media, patients and their families, and general readers. Besides original research articles, AJHSM , case report, case series, systematic review, clinical trials, methodological articles, book reviews, synopses of major research findings, short communications, and commentaries (rejoinder to comments on published articles). To ensure the quality of publication, AJHSM is committed to undertaking double peer-review process of all submissions and strives to enhance timely publication.

  • Dilla Journal of Education

    Dilla Journal of Education(DJE) is a biannual open access and peer-reviewed academicjournal published by Dilla University, Ethiopia.It covers all aspects of educational research.

    DJE aims to publish high-quality research outputs that have impacts on the developmentof knowledge, problem-solving strategies; and fosteringcollaborations among researchers, educators, practitioners, policy makers, academia, &educational scholars.